Desoto Film Festival

April 22-24, 2021 | SouthPoint Church | Southaven, MS

Film Festival Experience for the Family

Having experienced festivals around the country with our own films, we’ve seen too many films that we never cared to see. We are challenging filmmakers to bring creativity and beauty to their art of filmmaking and story-telling, and present something for everyone to enjoy.

Brought to you by DeSoto Arts Institute located in Southaven, Mississippi, DeSoto Film Festival is designed to bring thoughtful entertainment to families in the Mid-South as well as give exposure to filmmakers desiring to reach the widest audience of viewers – the entire family.



Great stories – Redeemable characters – Interesting ideas – Engaging moments – Compelling conflicts – Positive filmmaking – Wholesome messages – Meaningful movies – Powerful films


Click the FilmFreeway link to get your tickets and passes early and come join the fun. Great family-friendly entertainment is right here in your neighborhood. 

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Festival Director

Writer and director Robb Rokk (aka Robb Smith) is the founder of DeSoto Arts Institute where he teaches acting and all aspects of filmmaking. Robb’s mission is to provide exposure, education, and hands-on experience in the arts to anyone and everyone interested – and to prove that great entertainment can be produced for the entire family. That said, some of Robb’s films contain themes of suicide, sexual abuse, and revenge, but told in a sensitive and respectful way. His last four films have been Top Ten finalist selections in the Memphis Film Prize over the last four years with 2018’s  Outside Arcadia playing and winning awards in more than 30 festivals around the world. 


Robb Rokk

Festival Director

Program Director

Jesaiah Burnett started as a film student at Desoto Arts Instute and now serves as DAI’s Program Director. He is passionate about film and strongly dislikes most films he views so you’re up against a wall and better have a good film. Or you better bribe him with geeky nerd culture items like those pop bobble head things.

Jesaiah Burnett

Festival Program Director

DFF makes great films accessible to the widest audience possible - the entire family.

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